Viewpoint Cabin

One Bedroom & Two Bathrooms
VA deck 11_edited.jpg


We discovered this beautiful point of land on a tip of our property filled with tall Virginia pine trees and mountain laurels. We envisioned a cabin perched among the trees, surrounded by soft bed of mountain laurels. The design of a pole house was inspired by the tall slender pines where the poles resemble the pine trees. As you open the front door, you are greeted with a giant cedar tree in the center of the house supporting the highest peak of the roof and then you are immediately drawn to the unobstructed view through the huge windows.


Viewpoint Cabin offers you light and airy interior where you feel suspended in air, well, actually, you are. Inside, you will find an open kitchen with a granite bar, wood burning fireplace in living room, a large bedroom and a luxury bath. Outside, the view deck is perfect for enjoying the brisk morning air or bask in the warm afternoon sun on the double lounger. Or, you might curl up in the cozy window nook and catch a quiet nap holding your favorite book. Come, and experience Viewpoint Cabin with your special someone.

Viewpoint Cabin is wheelchair friendly.

Owners’ note: Best of Viewpoint Cabin -- The pale pink flowers of Mountain Laurels usually bloom around the Memorial Day Weekend in our mountains, and they are beautiful. The best fall color is about mid October to early-mid November. But please don’t count on the nature to be regular each year.